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Welcome to Ganaka Hotel - Igatpuri
Igtapuri (near Nasik) is a small village which falls on the way to Nashik and is the first place after crossing the Thal Ghat. It is located at a height of 1900 feet above sea level. Yet it is known to the people only as a major railway junction.
The beauty of "GANAKA VALLEY VIEW MOTEL" is still untouched. Mornings are greeted by magnificent sunrise, when the skies are painted with hues of gold, orange and yellow. The grass is wet with morning dew and birds begin their song.
Far much cooler than other hill stations of this area such as Khandala, this land boasts of many places of tourist interest, within and on the outskirts of the village.
View from the Hotel: (ht 1900ft above sea level)
  • Vipassana Pagoda : a Buddhist style of meditation and attracts people from various parts of India as well as abroad. ‘Vipassana’ has made Igatpuri famous throughout the world, and the famous pagoda of Dhammagiri serves as a landmark for Igatpuri.
  • River Valley with dam, bridge.
  • Kelsubai, the highest peak in Maharashtra.
Sunrise and Sunset Atmosphere:
  • Foggy in monsoon.
  • Cool in summer.
  • cozy in winter.
Distances in Kms
  • 110 Kms from Mumbai.
  • 70 Kms from Thane.
  • 40 Kms from Nasik.
  • 120 Kms from Shirdi.
  • 40 Kms from Bhandardhara.
  • 5 Kms from Vipassanna.
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