Igatpuri Hill Station


Igtapuri is a small village which falls on the way to Nashik and is the first place after crossing the Thal Ghat. It is located at a height of 1900 feet above sea level. Yet it is known to the people only as a major railway junction.
The beauty of Igatpuri is still untouched by the consequences of civilization. Mornings are greeted by magnificent sunrise, when the skies are painted with hues of gold, orange and yellow. The grass is wet with morning dew and birds begin their song.
Far much cooler than other hill stations of this area such as Khandala, this land boasts of many places of tourist interest, within and on the outskirts of the village.


Bhatsa River Valley
The Bhatsa River Valley is located just before entering Igatpuri, at the end of the Thal Ghat. A dense tree cover formed by the river on this valley is a pleasant sight, and the fresh air is soothing to the mind and body.

Camel Valley
A few metres away from Bhatsa river Valley, on the right is the camel valley. On the other side of the valley is a spectacular waterfall formed by the rain waters, which fall from a height of 1000 ft onto the base of the valley. The waterfall is the chief attraction of this place.

Walavalkar Shivaji Museum
This unique museum depicts the life history of the great Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji. The museum is located 30 km from the hotel, en route to Dherwan on the Mumbai-Goa highway.

Ghatandevi Temple (temple of the Goddess of Ghats)
Just before entering Igatpuri, after crossing the camel Valley, towards the right hand side, one comes across a small road, which leads to the Ghatandevi temple. This temple is half a kilometer away on this road. Behind the temple lies the Tringalwadi Fort. The mountains of Durvar Utvad, Trimak and Harihar, stand behind, forming a spectacular backdrop.

The Five Waterfalls
A little further from Ghatandevi, the rough road leading to the railway line begins. Across the railway line, while climbing down, falling one below the other, are five waterfalls that form a breathtaking sight. The path to this place is a little difficult and the best time to visit is the rainy season.

Lakes of Igatpuri
Igatpuri is home to many lakes, namely the lake owned by the municipality, the railway's lake, the Talegaon Lake and so on. The lakesides are the best places to spend a peaceful and soothing evening.
Tringalwadi Fort - Behind the Mahindra Company in Igatpuri, a turban like peak of the Tringalwadi Fort can be spotted. A small path on the edge of the mountain adjoining Igatpuri leads to this fort. The steps and walls of this 3000ft high fort still stand in fine condition. Behind the fort, on the edge, is a Hanuman temple. The secret path is a must see. From atop the fort, the mountain range from Kumpan to Kalsubai can be seen in a row. The peaks of Utvad and Harihar can also be spotted. A picturesque scene is formed on the eastern side of the fort where the lake can be seen down in the valley. This is a great place to do some cycling.

On the base of the mountain, located at the outskirts of the village, is a 'math' (house of saints). This place is known for the 'Vipassana'- a Buddhist style of meditation and attracts people from various parts of India as well as abroad. 'Vipassana' has made Igatpuri famous throughout the world, and the famous pagoda of Dhammagiri serves as a landmark for Igatpuri.

Seasons to Visit
Igatpuri is pleasant throughout the year. Summers are mild, while winters are very pleasant and the nights get chilly. Occasionally, the temperatures reach 5 degrees on a cold night. Igatpuri experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoons, so this time is suitable only for those who enjoy the wet season.

Getting There
Igatpuri is located at a distance of 135 kms. from Mumbai. It takes approximately three and a half hours to cover the distance. As it is an important railway junction, all trains halt here. State transport buses for Nasik-Manmad also stop here.

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